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24 August 2007


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Where's the recipe?? Samples? :) Glynis


Oooh, I need the recipe for this, we always have WAY TOOOOOO MUCH Zucchini around here in the summer, and I don't know what to do with all of it! Em


Oh my goodness, your zucchini magic looks fabulous! Do you have a recipe you used or did you just make "magic" and throw things together? Looks sooooo good!


I have been looking for this recipe for quite some time, but I knew it as "seafood pancake", not zucchini cakes. Thanks so much for posting this! I will modify for the assition of the seafood!

jody deschenes

dang, girl, you been bloggin a long time - this is 6 years ago! is that hard to believe?! anyway...looks yummy & it's zucc season in these parts! (:

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