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08 December 2007


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Sweet! I like how that yarn looks as a pillow!

I'm sorry no one much has responded to my PIF. I don't think I have a lot of particularly crafty readers. You can pass my PIF to another commenter if you'd like. I think I might just surprise folks with handmade gifts, whether or not they pay it forward. :-)


You did GREAT! love how your pillow has turned out, I really love the yarn. What kind was it? It looks plumy to me. Great job! jenn


Love the pillow - it looks SO cool! Also love those tea towels - what a great idea! Never would have thought to make tea towels out of home dec cotton fabric. Much prettier! (Thanks!) Tell Liz I'm going to take up her PIF challenge with the same thoughts, whether they PIF or not! Tis the season to give - we just set the pace, some will follow! Have a joy-full Christmas!

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