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27 March 2008


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Aww, poor eggman -- get him out of that box and introduce him to the bacon -- you know, bacon and eggs just go together!!! Lovely goodies from your PIF!


GOSH! I have got to get my PIF done. I signed up right before I found out about Justin's tumor and haven't thought much about it since. Thanks for the reminder!
That tote is so cool! Perfect for summer picnics. May have to try to make one.


Penny, what lovely gifts you have received! You know the saying: Sweets to the sweet. It certainly is true. I adore the fabric on the tote!

amy j

oh my goodness, just last week i downloaded the pattern for eggman. they have several different "personas" i can't wait to make some. how funny that you just received one!


what fun treats to get in the mail! that's an awesome (re)use of a pillowcase. Glad you were able to steer eggman clear of the flame; my guess is it wouldn't have been kind to him. :) but then again, other people are suggesting serving him with bacon...!


so cute!!

my first pif is a hat, and it's giving me serious issues. :-\

Still loving the bag you sent!


What a lovely bag! I too love the piping - how clever to put it at the bottom like that. Eggman is adorable! What a fatastic idea, to hide a chocolate egg in a little knitted critter! Altogether, it must have a fun package to open :)


Okay, I don't know where I've been, but I'm so glad that Eggman is happy in his new home! He plays nicely with other eggs! Feel free to stuff a plastic egg from easter in *there* to get him puffed out again.

Enjoy your stuff! I've never done a swap or anything like it before, so was quite nervous about it. Glad it went over well.

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