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24 March 2008


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Bunny B

Interesting! I've never had a bag with handles like the first choice. Both would be fine unless I wanted to hang the bag on my shoulder, then I'd prefer the 2nd one. Hope this helps. Happy Monday! :)

natasha s

I prefer over the shoulder,but that's just me.I love your bags BTW,
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I think either would work just great! I guess the plastic shopping bags are more like the first bag (yes?) The length is something that I have toyed with on my bags. I like to wear things on my shoulder, but for a loaded grocery bag, shorter handles work better.

And, duh! I can't believe that I included a dumb tote in your PIF box, when you make a much cooler bag!! Forgive me!!

Bunny B

Hi Penny, for appearance, I like the 2nd one. :) Just wondering, does the bag function better if the handles are like the 1st one? Because if the first one holds heavy things better, I wouldn't mind a bag with those handles.


I always thought I preferred bags with handles like the first one. Now that I am looking and comparing, I think the second one would be easier to carry if the handles were a tiny bit longer.


I love this bag concept - as for the preference on the handle, I'd have to go with the second picture. That seems more ergonomic.


my vote is the second one--so cool that you are doing this! very cute idea. i have some grocery bags already and the handles are just a bit longer so i can sling them over my shoulder if i want to load up like a pack mule when i'm unloading them from my car. i love that i can just barely squeeze them over the shoulder for that reason.


I prefer the second, purely from apearance and as a fully paid-up member of the short-arse society I like a nice short handle so my bag dosen't drag on the floor!


Thank-you everyone who left a suggestion and opinion about the bags. It seems the cosensus is to lengthen the handles a bit and put them together like the second pic! I greatly appreciate your input!

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