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23 June 2008


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what a great way to think about this particular thing: it definitely gives me pause and inspires me to smell "fresh squeezed" when life puts pressure on me instead of being stale. thanks for the thoughts.

and more and more every day i want a bike to ride around. i haven't had one since i was in high school i guess, but i have been missing that experience lately...


thought-provoking post! I'll be ruminating on that question tonight...

we just sold our 2nd vehicle too, and are planning on doing as much bike-commuting as possible when we get to Denver! we're still looking for housing, but we'll be out there (housing or none) by mid-august.

hope to meet you sometime after then!


Thanks for such a good message today.


Me? Going down the wrong path? Oh, how well you know me! *Sigh* And here I thought I was so unpredictable!

This is an interesting question you posed. I will have to think more on that.

In the meantime, your bike looks divine! I have never found a bike seat that was comfortable, and figured that I wasn't meant to balance my considerable weight on one spot on my crotch, but I wish I could. Of course, I would also need to live closer to town, which I have worked so hard NOT to do!


such a wonderful post. i have been thinking along these lines lately. being inspiring and encouraging...what great things to strive for!


Oh I love the Sound of Music! That is a great commitment you have made...I wish things in our area were closer so we could do something similiar.


Well first, I love your new ironing board cover. And what a lovely post here -- very thoughtful. I love your bike and I so envy you -- I'd LOVE to live close enough to work to ride my bike everyday -- you lucky girl!


Hi Penny,
This is a thougtful post! As we experience our lives and all that that brings upon us it is important to remember each day IS a new day. We might not know the why's but we do grow from each experience. I have no doubt you will grow to be the person you see yourself to be. I know you are a joy and comfort to many people no matter what else is going on! I just feel that way!
Take care! Congrats on the one car & more bike thing! That's good!


I was blogging around and came across your lovely blog. I just love this post it meant so much to me because I have been getting squeezed alot lately too. Just wanted to say Thank you for making me feel better. Your so talented too. I have you in my favorites, stop by my place sometimes.
Have a wonderful week-end!


Hola Penny, I Love this post, it made me thought.... and you know, I've think about this my self, just a few months ago I thought I would love to be an energy-light-radiating person, somebody that make you feel happy to see. but this past day I've been squeezed a lot and reading this post and imaging the scent remind me of this first thought. Thank You!!!

I also wanted to tell you that I' opening the restaurant this weekend.. we had a lot of work to do,I'm excite but I haven't been able to do any crafts this days.

Kisses, Jordy

Dursteler Diary

Thanks for this post, I just posted it to my blog because it was so meaningful. I'm getting divorced and squeezed and it was a great reminder that I will put out whatever I keep in.


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