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25 June 2008


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Wow Penny I do love love love this block. I like your use of color and crookedness. I love it all. I can't wait to see more more more.


I have never tried a quilt either! Very scary to me as well...but yours looks great so far. I love your choice in color.

I have always wanted to make a 13 star American Flag quilt. Maybe someday....


Ooooo! I love that block! Quilting is addictive, but I still love to try other things. Maybe it's because I started out quilting as my first sewing experience and that has lead to other things. There is hope, cause I am one of those people who still enjoys sewing on a button or making pillows! I can't wait to see your finished quilt. Not so daunting anymore is it?


that is such a cute quilt block. and that pie is beautiful!


Your pie looks delicious and so pretty! And the quilt block is fabulous! I bet you will keep your strong urge to do all those wonderful crafty, sewing things!!!


i love love love this quilt block and can't wait to see the next one. how original! and the fabric choices...!


Love the block!

Anna M.

Your quilt turned out beautiful! I really like the block that you chose. Also, thanks for the link to the rhubarb-strawberry pie recipe...your pie looks divine and perfect. The picture is making me drool...I can't wait to try out the recipe! Thanks again!!! =)

Jennifer Paganellli

Have we met???? Love your blog!! Forgive me if we have love that I am listed on your blog roll quite the honor...Jennifer

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