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17 June 2008


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Mmmmmm Penny your making my mouth water, those cakes look yummy. Lovely pics of your plants, keep those squirels away lol. Thanks for the links too.
Sarah x


Yummy cakes, wish you could send them too.
Looking forward to the postman coming.
X Clare


Beautiful pictures as always Penny!
Happy hump day! :)


yum!! i love cooking light, but i skipped this month for some reason. is this recipe from the latest issue? MUST...MAKE...THESE! :) love your flower pics too. good to hear from you!


Oh my, Penny! I am a HUGE fan of anything lemon. This could be dangerous for me, but how can I NOT make them. YUM!


Yum, yum...I just made strawberry cake but I could make these cupcakes as well!!! They look yummy and if they are from cooking light you can definitely eat a couple. Very nice blog, I just found it and I really enjoy it!


Ohmygosh -- those cupcakes look wonderful! How on earth did you stop at FIVE????


Man those cupcakes look good!


i am definitely going to have to make those cupcakes. my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

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