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24 July 2008


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I love google reader but I haven't tried any other services like it. I just love that it tells me when there is a new post on my huge list of blogs. I love that it keeps track for me. I agree with you about wanting to see the header and blog backgrounds. I usually end up going to each blog to read the post because I like actually being at their blog.


The ric-rac really finishes this blanket off beautifully. I would love to use it on some of my work but simply cannot find large white ric-rac. Cherrie


i used bloglines first, but it always seemed to have problems and switched to google reader. i like it so much better. i love to comment too, so i'm with you on the extra step. it's worth it to be able to keep track of what i've read and haven't read.


I love the rick rack around the edges...gotta do that next time!


i go to each person's blog too. i use reader just to see when someone has posted so i don't have to click over there incessantly, stalking... :)

and i'm with everyone else--i LOVE the rick rack. i will definitely give that a try next time too! does the fabric have little giraffes on it? it looks super soft!


What a great little blankie....it will be loved for sure! I am diggin that old bike, so rusty and PERFECT!! Have a great weekend.


such a simple thing to make, yet the ric rac really makes it beautiful. thanks for the post, I've got a new project to try now!


That's an adorable little blankie Penny -- I love the ric rac touch. I use bloglines. I've been told google reader is better, just haven't moved. I couldn't live without it 'cause I'm addicted to so many blogs! With bloglines, we have to leave the reader to comment too, but that's good, 'cause like you said, otherwise, we wouldn't get to see the beautiful asthetics of someone's blog!


I use bloglines - have the same issue with leaving comments, but love that it tells me when there's a post to check out. . . I use firefox with the tabs, so I don't have to wait for a new window to open.
super cute blankie it will be well loved and used, I'm sure :)


Love the ric rac trim, nice way to edge something.
I have just given you an award, check my blog for details.
X Clare


I just recently got Reader and have found the same problems. I find that I just go back and look at them all anyway because part of the blog experience for me is the "feel". For instance, I really like the "feel" of your blog and I am glad I found it.



Hi Penny, not used bloglines. I love the blanket, the ric rac looks great , you always make the nicest things!
Sarah x


I use Bloglines--and there is a way to see everything on the person's blog and leave comments without exiting out--you just have to click on their blog name rather than the post name when you go to the blog directly from bloglines (sorry this is so confusing). Anyway, love your blog as well!


i always go to each blog.
i'm a visual person, so i like to see it all.

i think that the rick rack added SO much character to the quilt.

Joanne Kennedy

What a darling blanket. I'm sure your friend will love getting it. I know I would.

I have a question for you. When I read your post about the darling apron you are giving away you said there was a few stains on there when you found it. What do you use to get them out? Anything special? I have a few old table cloths that have stains from years ago I would like to try and get out so I thought you may have some tips for me.



I use Reader and have the same thoughts you do. I love the ease of it but hate having to click on each one to get to the "real" blog. Also, it seems to me that posts with lots of pictures take forever to load and I have to wait for Reader to load it all before I can click on it to go to the real blog! Blessings, marlene

Jen at The Craft Patch

Penny! I LOVE the ric-rac. So cute...now I am going to have to make another one!

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