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31 August 2008


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What a great recipe going to try this very soon sounds so good! Don;t think i ;ve ever had it sounds very easy to make too.
Was thinking color light blue call it ice cubes for christmas yummy treat.Dreaming again.
hugs ginger


Oh, those were my favorite Brach's! I'm dying to make these!

I'm a bit confused about the dessicated coconut. Can I just replace sweetened coconut chopped up in the food processor?


whooo Penny those look so yummy, i love the packaging and everything. I really must try these.
Sarah x


i love how you wrapped them individually and tied a bow around them. so penny cuteness... :)


I've got everything in the house to make these! Even an "extra" day to do so with the holiday weekend! Thanks for filling in my schedule ... it was feeling so empty. =)


Well while you are making cookies, I have to make candy. I forgot all about those little candies. I love them. Thanks for the recipe. I have to get more powdered sugar and probably coconut. I don't think I have enough. I used all of my powdered sugar in my icing this morning. I haven't eaten any cake yet, but will for dessert tonight. I can hardly wait. In the meantime I'm eating cookies.


Oh yum!!!

Alauar Parrish

They look so pretty too pretty to eat.. Not! Wow I might have to make some, hey they would be great for Halloween just use orange food coloring how neat would that be.
Thanks for sharing..


Anna M.

You're the best...and thanks to Naomi! I did love those treats as a child...still do, but rarely see them any more. How fun to be able to make them myself. Thanks for sharing! =)


That looks crazy good!
So pretty!


Mmmm, those look good! And I love the packaging too! I've never had those candies before, but I think I need to now. Hey, they'd probably make nice additions to a Christmas basket...


My husband loves these! I'm going to surprise him and make these. Thank you so much for sharing - the pictures really grab you and make you want to know more. Are the ones in packaging yours? Because that is a fabulous idea! Thanks so much!


Hey there Penny, go visit my blog, I nominated you for an award!!


Thanks for the sweet comment. Your great!!


These look so delicious. I'll definitely try this recipe. These are so cute wrapped up like this too. Really cute.


Oooh, yum -- those look delicious!!! Love your new look too!


Thanks for dropping in on my blog, Penny. I do appreciate the comment. And thanks for sharing this recipe. I'll be making it soon. Oh, on your previous post, that mug warmer...did you make that or is it from pink petal designs? I love it...so cute!


Oh delicious and so pretty!


Wow! Your photos make me want to whip some of these up right now! :)


They look gorgeous. I wish I liked coconut now!


These look so good! Thanks for the recipe!


Mmmmmm! That's always been one of my fav! Never could eat just one! Didn't know there was a recipe. Will have to get Sydney on this! Love ya!


HI there, Here it is, 6:00 in the morning and you have my brain already starting.
We live in the coconut capital of the world I think as we are surrounded by farms of palms. ??????? just wondering how I could use fresh cocoanut to make something like this. They do make a candy similar though..

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