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05 September 2008


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I just picked up a couple of pretty sweet reads. Awesome.


Wow! Thank you for the honor! You've made my day!


Hi Penny, how awesome for you. You should be very proud. Your tutorials are awesome.


Thanks Penny - you've made my day! Congrats - your tutorials are great!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Congrats! How fun to have your GREAT tutorials featured :)


Thanks so much Penny! I'm honored!!


Hi Penny, I visited the Cotton Spice site, signed up for their newsletter and took a survey. I'm new to sewing. My mil gave me a really nice machine because she has alzeheimer's and can no longer sew. I have been taking care of her so between that and being a mom, I haven't found time to try but I want to. I'll visit the blogs you posted.

Have a great day!

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