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26 December 2008


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Thanks for sharing with us. Hope your holidays are wonderful. Hugs and Love


So cute! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to make up some cute thank you cards...

Amy @ parkcitygirl

how sweet are you! those elephants are tooooo cute :) I am blessed to know you!


How lovely Penny. You are so sweet, thank you so much.


precious! Thanks for the great blog.


Those are adorable! Thank you so much for making them available to us! My daughter really likes them, too!


I can't wait to use these! They are adorable! Really - you are so creative and generous! I'm glad we are blogging buddies.

tepee (tp)

Thanks, Penny.
What cute note cards. Now off to JoAnn's to get some scalloped scissors. I have not been into paper crafting, but who knows?

Helen Layman

I am showing Mom (Shirley) your web page and my how crafty you are. Trying to get her up to date with surfing the net. She is enjoying the heat here!!! Dad is frozen beside the stove. We are really impressed with your page. That elephant paper is beautiful, it fits in with the 500 elephants we have from dad. We wish we could do the crafts you do.
Hope you have a great New Years and Anniversary. We will be thinking of you and Lenny.

Mom and Helen

Karen Gass

Penny, these are so cute! thanks for sharing them!


Those are beautiful Penny! Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday.


What a wonderful gift! Those notecards are adorable -- you're a sweetie!


oooh, thanks penny. these are darling. i'm going to make some for my mom. she's a bit freaky over elephants!


Dear Penny, Loved the cards and used them for my thank-yous. I linked to them on my blog, but couldn't seem to get the track back to work right (so I did it a different way). Thanks for making such an awesome little gift.


This is so fabulous! My little boy is called Ollie and Olifant is elephant in dutch (we live in Belgium). What a fab creation!


These are so adorable! The scalloped edging really adds to the whimsical olliephants. :)

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