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31 December 2008


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LeeAnn H.

I am on a mission to find the best hot chocolate mix! I made some up this Xmas from an Alton Brown recipe. I think I need some better quality dutch cocoa. I can't remember when I bought the cocoa I have on hand. :/

Glad your Xmas was a good one!


This looks so yummy...I might just make up a bunch tomorrow! Happy New Year!


This look cozy! Thank you so much!
Happy new year too Penny!


Thanks! My daughter has been dying for more hot chocolate and I've been too cheap, um, frugal to keep buying it (plus, I don't know what it is that stuff!).


Happy anniversary to you and a very happy new year, all the very best for 2009!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Happy Anniversary & New Year Penny! I love that vest :) I have a great Marmot down sweater/jacket that keeps me toasty these winter days. I keep running out of cocoa around here! I will have to put this together this week - thanks for sharing!


thanks for sharing.
i can't wait to try this.

happy new year!!!


Happy New Year to you! It has been a while since I stopped by here but your site looks fantastic!!! SO so pretty!

Happy Anniversary!


Congrats on the big day~
I am glad you are feeling blessed...as you should be!

Have a good weekend!


Cool idea! I also save all my jars - I use them instead of tupperware...cheaper and less toxic :) My husband and I are big hot chocolate fans, so I'll have to try this recipe - thanks and happy new year!


You are rockin with the COOL downloads Miss Penny!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Those elephant cards are to DIE for!!!


Great idea - i was just given some Dutch cocoa - might have to try it!


you know what else is great in cocoa jars?!?! Vanilla flaored, powdered coffee creamer. It's great!

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