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05 January 2009


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What a sweet new addition!


but he's {she's} cute!!!


That kitty has big paws...you will have a big cat...aren't they fun?

Anna M.

Hi Penny! How are you? Hope you had lovely holidays! Your new little kitty sure is cute...what name did you choose? Speaking of names...how's Stella? =) Oh, and Happy Anniversary!


good excuse! Cute!

My only excuse is too much going on for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll get some posts up tomorrow. Hope you had a great holiday!

are you going to have a contest to name your cat? How about PussNboots?


So cute!


Good excuse as any!! Very cute and cuddly lookin'! Have fun!!


How sweet...what is her name?


Such a sweetie....well they all are when they are asleep. Can't wait to see her in action. Have Fun!


Hi, and welcome to my world, 4 cats and 1 dog and I hope not, counting! Very pretty, and I know it is so cozy to have a lap warmer built-in. Hope you are well, I have really bene enyoing the blogging world, keeps me from going stir crazy, I thank you for that!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Oh, my what bad habits. Of course she makes up for it in cuteness. Cats are like that. Congrats and good luck protecting your buttons and plants.

Happy new year!


Oh my - look at those HUGE paws! What a cutie! Beware - it took 12 years before our Sophie would let me sit and do lap sewing in the evenings!!!!! She's finally slowed down enough for me to take up Redwork!!!


Details Details Girlfriend! What kind of kitty is this? Such unique markings. Name? So sweet.


Oh how fun! Welcome to the Hike family, little kitty!


What a cute little pet! What is her name?


orrrr, wow, she is lovely!! Can't wait to see more pics!!
Sarah xx


awwww. you're excused!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

fun times :)


he sure is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a cute little kitty !!


Oh my gosh, the little kitty!!!!! Congratulations on the new addition, he is absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm extremely jealous :)

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