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23 January 2009


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Amy @ parkcitygirl

Your new socks look really comfy! I don't really knit - not to mention my own socks. I am going to check out that recipe - though I'm trying really, really hard to overcome my urge to bake at the moment :)


What a thoughtful and beautiful gift. She must be one special lady. Margaret


I feel a weight gain coming on................;)


I love your new socks. How nice of your patient. I love peanut butter cookies and make Martha's recipe with chocolate chunks. Your kitty is adorable and he reminds me of my old tom cat that I had before I got Anna and Bailey. The coloring is very similar.


Awww, how is the little kitty doing anyway? We need an update!

And you're SOOOOO funny about those socks! Your new ones look beautiful, and you're very lucky to recieve them -- I don't knit them for just anyone, I have to be sure that they'll appreciate them first, 'cause they take so long to make. I work with a guy at work who thought the same way you do and one day he started giving me a hard time about doing anything so dumb as making your own socks (especially when you can buy them for LOTS cheaper than you can make them) so, I, knowing that he had no real hobbies other than being a Star Wars fanatic, just turned the tables on him. I felt like I was a little mean afterwards, but I think he got the point -- everyone has something different that floats their boat!


LOL Sock knitting is fun and fabulous. And we sock knitters love to knit socks for folks who appreciate them :)


i love those socks. i'm going to learn to knit socks so that every pair i own is a pair of hand-knitted socks. oh, and i'm going to talk anna into making me a pair for every holiday. she TOTALLY missed groundhog's day! but she's always got valentine's day, right around the corner!!
i have an incredible pnutbuttercookie recipe. email me your email and i'll send it to you.

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