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24 January 2009


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orrr those are so cute, thanks for the link Penny! x


Thanks for sharing these delightfully pretty tags!


How adorable!

By the way, I have three other items for you:

1. I tried your label tutorial and added one to the nursing bib I recently made. Thanks! It was fun! (No catchy name here, just "madebydayna")

2. I'll have your recipes to you soon. Sorry to take so long. We've had a busy weekend.

3. Do I recall that you once sold a very cute crocheted bag on your etsy shop, useful for carrying to market? Will you be making another one in the near future? I'd love to buy one. :)

Have a great week!


thanks...it's only a couple of weeks away...yikes. i'm definitely going to do something with these. so cute!


cute cute cute! :)


Those are the cutest cards ever! Thanks Penny!


Thank you for the link! I will definitely be using these!


these are lovely :o)


Those are such cute valentines.

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