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17 January 2009


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Katie | Runaway October

Here's my family favorite peanut Butter cookies: http://www.runawayoctober.com/2008/01/peanut-butter-cookies/

The awesome part is that it has three forms of peanuts. :-)


I'm thinking a recipet hat uses an ENTIRE 18 oz jar of peanut butter MUST taste strongly of peanut butter..... and alot of people on allrecipes.com gave it 5 stars!



I love this King Arthur recipe
I do think this is one cookie you are better off using shortening than butter, you get that soft texture and the peanut butter taste isn't fighting the butter. I know exactly what you are looking for;)


We really like the recipe from America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It uses crunchy peanut butter as well as dry-roasted peanuts. Yum! (Only thing is, the recipe isn't available free.) Good luck and hope you find something you like!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

cute pic of Fozzy! I don't have a fav, so please share when you find the right one!


yes, please share! I think we already talked about this - but I love a good pb cookie.


Have you checked out Joy The Baker? Here's a link to her peanut butter post...you could leave out the choco chips if you wanted!



OOOh, interesting ! My last batch were bleh too, even the kids didn't like them :)


Hi Penny, My husband and I made these over the weekend - YUM!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

I don't have a recipe to share but now I want a peanut butter cookie-lol.

Hmmm-look at all the great recipes your friends have left you.


Hi, Penny! It is my personal belief that the perfect peanut butter cookie must coexist with chocolate. I have a couple of favorites, if you're interested. I promise: you won't eat just six! (I'll wait to hear if you want one of them.)


Just hang tight Penny. Shaina from Just Because I am Me is going to be sharing a peanut butter cookie recipe SOON. I'll let you know as soon as I spot it!!!!



Well, whatever you do, WAIT until the peanut butter scare is over! And after that, I hope you'll share which one of the above great sounding recipes was tops!

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