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31 January 2009


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Hi Penny, It amazes me too when I see an early robin in the snow. I think I'd stay somewhere warmer for awhile. We can't complain too much though, it's been a mild winter.

Anna M.

I'm glad the birds are coming back...I've seen some in Utah too. And, I have an award for you on my blog! =)


Oh Penny lucky you to have such gorgeous looking birds like the Woodpecker, the Robin pattern looks really cute too, if only I could crochet!!!!!


wow, has spring alreay arrived where you are? Lucky you! What a cute bird you made!


love your blog ...Thanks for the elephant cards they are lovely and my lil'2monster just loves elephants. thanks or sharing


found your blog via another blog... i love all the wonderful crafts and ideas. my favorite... would have to be the little skate tag made with the paper clip. So cute!
thanks for all the inspiration here.


Penny - our Robin's are back, too - kinda early! I've never seen such a beautiful Flicker! Ours have orange chests, but this one is fantastic! Those little Amigurumi's are just darling - I think I would need a magnifying glass to crochet them!


spring will be upon us before we know it. i'm ready for sunshine and longer days!


Oh I love hearing the little birds. We have the most gorgeous bluebirds hanging around our place lately. I should get a feeder, lure them in, and take some pictures.


very cute!


Gosh, another reason to learn to crochet! Very cute!


Wow Penny, yummy AND cuteness in this post. I love it.


If your worried about the robins. In spring try giving them peanut butter. Robins really like it especially chunky. Good luck.

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