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21 February 2009


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Chain stitched wool would work and withstand the heat. Very cute by the way.


LOVing the teapot - I can see it as part of an apron, or add a few 3-D details (buttons or some other detail) and frame it in a shadowbox to be hung in the kitchen, or wrap it around a canvas frame and lean it on a small easel; i could even see it as a quilt square.


SO cute! I have a thing for teapots.
Great job!!!


I love the always peaceful calming colors of your pictures and projects!

I think you should make enough of those teapots in varying mix and match blues and reds and turn it into a quilt. wallhanging, couch, bed sized - whatever.

I love that little bag! what a great idea for resuable shopping totes - I'm turned off by the idea of the reusables by the sheer amount of space they take up when NOT used - let alone remember to have them with me. Several of these would fit nicely in my bag.


That little teapot is just adorable. I'd still make a potholder and just use the other side LOL. Or a cute apron pocket maybe? Your new bag is very cool too -- I think I like the new one in a nice simple little pocket a bit better than the older one. On the other hand, the older one looks a little more secure when folded up?

Kellie h

the tote is very practical..I like the fabric you chose.
now for the lil teapot,,I think as an embellishment for a tea towel hanging in the kitchen. I also fancy the apron idea.

clare bower

The little bag is adorable . What a bout a special button for the teapot lid ? I love it .
clares craftroom


I love the new bag design better!!! I think one less handle is nifty, especially when carrying like 3 bags in each hand...


Way cute teapot! I love the fabric choices. ooxx`jodi

Anna M.

That teapot is too cute! I think it would be cute incorporated into an apron or maybe as part of a table covering...pretty much anything that you choose to use it in will be cute, I think. I also love the bag...so useful but practical...and handy to keep in your purse! =)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Both are great Penny! I like how the bag folds into the pocket - very smart :) The teapot block would look great on a towel or apron. . .

shelia fisher

i'm all about all things teapot..and that is just stinkin' adorable!!!!

i feel some sewing time coming this afternoon :)


love the wrap up bag and as for the tea pot - gorgeous! I have a good idea for what you could do with it...but it does involve sending it on a leetle trip across the atlantic ;-)


That bag is so cute! I love the little pocket, it's perfect for throwing in your purse. The little teapot is straight out adorable! I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I love it!


i really like the fold it up into the pocket bag.


Very cute, love the fabrics. Good job.


Great little bag - love that fabric!


I love the bag and its colors, Penny - so fresh and crisp! How about a potholder for the teapot - and a great button for the lid? Or maybe make it part of an apron skirt? It will be adorable whatever you decide!


Love the little purse and the teapot!! I have a pattern similar to the purse, but haven't made it yet. Maybe I need to get the sewing machine out again!! Thanks, as always for your lovely comments on my blog!! I really do appreciate it!!


So sweet, that bag..love the fabric! and the teapot is too cute. You could use it as a pocket on an apron. Or what about a kitchen towel? Cute, cute...great color combo!



Oh Penny, I love the teapot!! What an adorable purse too and great idea.

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