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25 February 2009


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i think it's perfect.
i love the little tea pot!!!


It's so cute! Love the tea pot! The tea pot would make great hot pads too.

Jody Blue

A crazy quilt without being over done! Like one a country grma would make.


Sweet sweet quilt! The teapot applique is just darling!

Anna M.

I love that you added your cute teapot...it's looking great! If you're looking for more scraps, I'd be happy to send you some! =)


That is so cute! I love the colorful mismatchy-ness. The teapot is such a perfect addition to it.


i bet it will be great. one thing i've learned is that homemade quilts are not supposed to be perfect.. and as you put it, they should be "things of your heart". that's what makes them special and heirlooms for future generations.


It looks great! I love the idea behind it.


this is looking so great...i love the teapot as part of this.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

It's great Penny! Love all the little bits and pieces - beautiful!


Penny, I've wanted to do something like this for a long time - you're giving me loads of inspiration! I think it's always that little "bump" by creative gals like you that really make a difference! I'm also inspired to begin adding brighter colors to my stash - oh what fun this could be!


I think random quilts like this are my absolute favorite! I also love that you worked that teapot in there. So dang cute!


You amaze me! I love that you included the teapot! Why can't we be neighbors?!


It's a beauty. You are so creative and the work is perfect.


Look at how this just came together. All the bits and pieces just fit together so perfectly. That tea pot "block" fits right in with all the colors, too. Can't wait to see this all finished up.


Wow! This is going to be a fun project. Very Clever!


oh Penny this is so gorgeous it is EXACTLY the type of quilt I would make if I made one, just one with scraps and no plan, can't wait to see it all finished it will be be the best quilt ever, I am not a quilter but the the traditional ones, although can look beautiful are way out of my league as I have no patience. This will have so much persoanlity and creativity. LOVE your pocket tote too!!


I love this mix of fabrics - fabulous!


How did I miss this post?! at any rate- it is adorable! how fun that you are using some of the fabric I sent - I'm assuming it was what I wrapped the goodies in? I was trying to remember.....

Hope you are having a productive weekend!


i had an idea for a quilt similar to this last summer, but a big move prevented me from ever starting. now might just be the time though.......thanks for the idea and what a beautiful start you are off to!


Penny, I love your quilt and I think that is the true meaning of quilts. Things that you enjoy all rolled up and put into it. Perfect.
Keep Stitchen'


Looks wonderful! Great teapot!

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