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23 March 2009


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Love your serger bags :) They're so cute on the outside of the jars!


Yes. You are extremely clever. Love it.


Yes, Penny you are definitely clever. :) I think it's a really cute solution! I like it outside better too. I just love your blog I'm so glad that I found it!


you are a hoot! i so enjoy your site. i like this bag cover thing as it allows you to switch up your decor, quickly and inexpensively. and yes, pretty darn clever.


These are so cheerful! Great idea!


Yes Yes Yes...and today I went and purchased the large grommets sew I can be just like YOU! :)


Very clever Penny! Not to mention that it's cute and pretty!


YESSSSSSSSSSS! You're clever and cute too, but it looks like you need more than one. Go girl!


Clever for sure Penny. I'd like to know how fast you can thread your serger??


I love the quick and cheerful projects, always inspired! Keep it up!


Pretty clever, indeed! It's such a simple idea, but WOW!!! I posted a link to your project on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/cool-idea-a-si…up-a-plain-jarcool-idea-a-simple-bag-dresses-up-a-plain-jar/2009/03/23/


Very cute! What a great way to store things in style!

Dionne C

Oh these are sooo cute! How utterly adorable!


Seriously, will you be my serger Dojo? Then you can say things like, "Grasshoppah, you mus make bags for jars."

you are VERY clever. I'm going to see if I can figure out my serger.

and then I'm going to blog about it and send people over here.


yes...(i'm nothing if not obedient!)
i'm with you...cover it.


Oh. My. Yes! My little serger is going to love all of your projects, Penny! I like the inside idea, too - I use some antique copper lustre vases to hold tools and always worry about damaging them!

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