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27 April 2009


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oh man...i'm not of any help. at all.

cute fabrics though.
i especially like the floral one.


The red one on the bottom is from American Jane Wee Play collection called Red Ovals.

I don't know about the other two.

linda p

hmm, i don't know the exact name of the first 2, but yes, they are both in the american jane "wee play" collection-- it came out about 2 years ago so it might be hard to find. I just did a quick google search and the only thing that comes close is buying the whole collection bundle here: http://www.americanjane.com/

good luck!


The third one is from the Sandy Gervais range "Celebrate Spring".
I don't think the middle one is Wee Play because I had some that I bought ages ago (and gave away), before Wee Play was released.


I've just checked at Moda - http://moda.fabricmatcher.com/FindFabrics/tabid/57/page/1/collection/79/Default.aspx
and the middle one is definitely not Wee Play.


Got me! sorry :(


Both on the left are wee play by american jane for moda. They are both discontinued, but I recently bought some of the ovals on ebay. Good luck!


You might try searching Etsy for the american jane fabrics. I do think that a few sellers carry them.

Best wishes!


Sorry penny no help here. Good luck though!

Lorinda Loveridge

The middle one is called Building Blocks by American Jane Patterns, Sandy Klop for Moda. I just happened to have a bunch of this in my stash!


I recently found some of the first one at an online shop. So it's out there, but you need to search (and be quick before it's gone).


I was going to say American Jane for the first two and no idea on the third, but looks like you got your answers, Penny! Blog world is so wonderful!


I didn't know either - but they're cute!


Okay, so I didn't know, but I do love the blog world...you got your answers pretty quickly. How awesome is that?


I have no clue, but they are very pretty. Hope you get some answers.


I'm Ok with Jenny :The third one is from the Sandy Gervais range "Celebrate Spring" (I have the same in green !!!) Very nice fabrics !!!!!


the red one is peas and carrots...sandy klop american jane....if you can't find it let me know...i can send you some.


I have the red ovals and some florals that coordinate as well. If you need some...give a holla!


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