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24 May 2009


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Wow! I had no idea that flower was that big! Those pictures make me wish I was back in Colo. *sigh*


I love Colorado...looks like you had fun! :)

Creepie w/ the bridge...I sure hope that was to be...did you drive on it?


Yes, I think I would speed over that last part of the bridge!

Stick sculpting and crocheting in the mountains looks like a fine way to spend the first half of the weekend!

(we've been sick here - so no fun going on around these parts. okay, maybe a little sewing.)


your feet look too nice to be camping!! painted toenails and pretty shoes!
sounds like a great weekend even if you didn't get to do the hike.


wow, those mountain views are amazing!!glad you had an exciting outdoorsy time!


It hasn't been a good weekend for outdoor activities has it. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I haven't been up there in years. It is very beautiful.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Fun weekend! We have roads the same way here . . . oh well for now :) I have those chaco's in pink - I live in them all summer - so comfy!


Now that's our kind of camping, Penny! Too bad its been so rainy there, what a great hike you would have had! At least you took advantage of a gorgeous camping spot to do a little crochet work!

jacoline (lien)

Looks like a great weekend. Winter is coming here so I made a big amount of your hot chocolate mix. The girls love it. 1000 X Thanks.


Tell winter to go away Penny! It's great to be outside isn't it?!


This is like a brain teaser. Is the oopsie moment the lack of support on the right side? Sorry about all the rain. That daisy crochet is soooo cute!


The bridge is hilarious. I love to camp. So fun. Mr. Hive hates it so we don't :-(. Looks like this was fun.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

"A little of this" is always good. Great photos!


Oh, what a lovely place, penny!! Glad you got a chance to get a way and relax a bit!

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