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21 June 2009


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WOW. That is so cute! And I spotted the Sandi Henderson you made my apron out of in there!


This looks lovely. thanx for stopping by my blog. i love your tutorials so actually i should be thanking you=)

Jody Blue

I like to look of the hex one it looks like something my grma would have made. Good job!


Penny, you did an amazing job on that quilt! Super lovely! Would love to hear more stories about the fabrics!

Oatmeal added to banana bread is awesome too not to mention the extra fiber you'd be getting.


Both of those quilts are absolutely beautiful! I never have the patience to do anything other than block quilts. :D


Those are both great quilts! I'd love to see a tutorial of the hexagon one. Seeing the directions without pictures kind of makes my brain seize up.


Great job on the quilts, Penny. They are lovely and so cozy with lots of love for the user. Keep up the good work.


I am in love with your "storyteller" quilt! It's so beautiful and summery. AND, I have a banana oatmeal bread/muffin recipe that is super similar to the one you made. We enjoy it often. Yummy.


Wow - the quilt is wonderful, Penny! And all those hexagons - I'm headed over for the machine piecing lesson - thanks a bunch!


Penny, You have outdone yourself with the hexagon quilt. LOVE IT! I love the name also and the story that goes with it. It is grea! They are both great, but the hex steals my heart!

The voice of melody

How wonderful that each piece is so special and has a wonderful story to go with it. Beautiful work as always!


I love the hexagons! It's very beehive like;)
Yummy recipe, that is a keeper.


Great quilts Penny -- I love Love LOVE those hexagons and the fabrics you've chosen for them. What a lucky friend!!!


The hexagons look fabulous! Wow! ooxx`jodi

Kelly O.

Hi there,
i have awarded you a Kreativ blogger Award!
check out my blog to copy and paste the award to yours!

The hexagons are fabulous!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Beautiful tops Penny! I love the "storyteller" for your hex quilt - so many memories and ties built in for your friend. She will cherish it!


Wow, Have I been out of touch a while!! A whole new look...looks good!!! Your quilts are beautiful! I especially like the hexagon one. Very sweet! Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!


girl, i disappear for a bit and come back and look at all this quilty goodness. amazing. i especially love the hexagons...every quilt needs a story and this one has loads.


Hi, Penny! My schedule has kept me from the blogging world for so long that I just had to make yours my first visit! I'm so pleased to be all caught up with you now. Your projects look wonderful, as always. I love that apron!

I've been lamenting the fact that I was unable to participate in the scrap swap, especially now that we're moving overseas. I'm holding out hope that Africa will afford some unique fabric choices that aren't available here. But let's face it, I'm sure that will eventually get old. :-)

Anyway, I've enjoyed visiting your blog. It's always a treat!

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