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13 June 2009


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What a great idea!!!!! Thanks for sharing it---you saved me some money for sure!


Thank you so much for the great tip! I can't wait to get out the old hot glue gun :)


Awesome! I just bought a stack of different sized square omnigrids and I was regretting it the minute I started reading! Glad there's a solution!


Way to think outside the box! Nice save.


Wow that is a great tip - thanks.


yayyy penny!!!
big difference huh???

i do this, but with clear fingernail polish.
i never thought to use hot glue.


I am definetly giving this a try. I hate when the ruler slips and makes me ruin the piece I'm cutting. Thanks!

Jody Blue

necessity is the mother of invention!


they also sell Collins Brand fabric grips which are self adhesive sandpaper dots, or Dritz Quiling Fabric Grabbers which are clear self sticking dots for your rulers. They work great, and last for years.


Very cool! I buy these little round pieces of sand paper with sticky on one side. LOVE them.

Karen aka Grammy Mac

I used glue dots, from my scrapbooking supplies;) Stopped all the slipping and sliding;)


I have no slip stickers on mine. There is nothing more annoying that a slippy ruler!


Wow -- thanks for the tip Penny -- what a great idea!


Have you heard of invisi-grip? It's a clear static cling plastic you cut to size of the ruler. It covers the whole ruler so you don't have any areas that are void and the fabric won't slip. I tried the dots and the sandpaper blocked my view of the fabric plus the fabric would slip between the dots!

Kelly O.

YAY!!!! thankyou!


You have to wonder why they never thought of this to begin with, Penny! I've used several things, including the Invisi-grip (which loses its grip after a lot of uses), but my favorite are little green felt dots used on the bottom of vases and the like! Glue sounds even better!

Michele T.

Great idea!! Thanks for sharing. I use the clear medical tape on the bottom of my rulers...but may have to try the hot glue!!


your so smart...jsut wanted to stop in ans say hello. been super busy with the move and all...but i am still here! talk with you soon. hope you aer having a wonderful summer!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

you are so clever! I may try that too :)


you have NO idea how much this is going to help me! i was going nearly insane with the slippage!

thanks again!

ps- i thought you'd like this new mug design i just listed in my shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26549326


Smart tip from a smart lady! I finally invested in one of those little suction handle things and I use that with all my rulers and shapes. I may do this anyway!


i'm doing this first thing in the morning!

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