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28 June 2009


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Oh my goodness Penny, that quilt turned out sooo nice! You are amazing!


ohhh my! its gorgeous. i love the pointy edge...such a great detail! how big did it end up to be?


your color choices are always amazing! so cheery and sunshiny in every possible way!

the little flower crochets are the sweetest things too!


Love it!!!
You have been a busy girl :)


I don't know how you got all that done with company, but congratulations! It all looks great.
Get some rest!


Quilt looks fantastic - I love the back as much as the front! I also adore the little crocheted flowers - it will be a pretty afghan for sure - are you using cotton yarn? Love the colors!


The quilt turned out fabulous! I love it. And those crocheted flowers! Oh my heck they're cute! ooxx`jodi


The quilt came out wonderfully! I love it. And those flowers - how cute are they!


I love the crochet flowers! Where can I find the instructions or pattern for them? The quilt is amazing. Great job!


The quilt is gorgeous! I love those crocheted flowers! I wanted to start it but then summer arrived in North Carolina so, um, I'll wait until November!


Oh -- it turned out great Penny -- I LOVE those cute hexagons. Well Done!!! The crochet is fab too -- great colors!


Wow Penny such pretty things you have there, the quilt is just AMAZING!! and those flowers are too cute for words.Just catching up with you as i havn't been blogging much for ages now.Hope you are all ok and having nice weather. xx

Anna M.

What a beautiful quilt, Penny! I absolutely love it! Love the crochet flowers, too. I've missed reading your blog and seeing all of your amazing creations. Hope you're having a good time with the in-laws. =)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I love your quilt! How fun to have it complete :) Your quilting is beautiful and thoughtful!

Traci Lynn

Thanks for sharing your after pics! The quilt turned out very nice. I just love the way you finished the back! How unique & sassy. Great Job.


That's beautiful!!! I love the back, too... and the zig-zaggy edges. Well done!

That's gonna be one cute afghan, too :)

Mary Lou Weidman

Wow, I want dozens of these for flowers on my quilts- YOU have a lovely sense of color and this is going to be fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration!


I join everyone else in saying I'm in love with this quilt. Its beautiful! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison


Those Hawaiian flowers are gorgeous!! i can see i will ahve to get out my crochet hook!


This is a fantastic quilt, Penny! And you know what - your crocheted flowers almost match it! I love the back and having found objects is such a delight!


Amazing love, how can it be, that thou, my friend, shouldst create this for me!
Still speechless! But we'll remedy that later :)) LYLAS! BFF! Glynis Michelle


Gorgeous Quilt and those crochet flowers are adorable! Love all the colors!

Also, congrats on the market bag pattern!!! It is so lovely!

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