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30 August 2009


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What a cute story and quilt. I'm so glad all the goodies found a beautiful home!


What a funny story - it looks cute by the way!!


Yup, the yellow for the binding hit the spot. Thanks for all the memories tied up in this quilt. Not a small undertaking by the way. You're turning into an expert.
Thanks so much for this memory to take with me when we move!

shelia fisher

love love love :)


Your wonky little stars are cute! Your friend is right, you don't want only "pretty" fabric in your quilt. Your need the "ugly" to balance it out. Well done! Happy quilting!

Stephanie Bertics

I like the story of the batik. I have a theory that there should be one fabric you just hate in every quilt. It makes your ideas grow. Love the quilt.


so are you still throwing out EVERYTHING you don't like or are sure you will never use? ;)

This is really super cute! I'll look forward to your sporadic posts - but hope they aren't too few and far between!


So darn cute! well done penny! that white fabric around with the floral print is so perfect!


I love this quilt! She'll love it! I like the story too.


That is beautiful!

Jody Blue

You did an impressive job. Any gift from a friend is a treasure, and the not so pretty stuff will be the part you both remember fondly.


It is just lovely. I love the quilting too.


I love it...your friend is lucky to have such a gifted friend to share her ugly with...hehehe!
The fabric reminds me of tumeric...
after it has been cooked. I think it is
a rich color...just like one man's trash is one man's treasure. beauty is in the eyes of
the beholder ... If you made toy food... then it would be a great color for toast or
pie...oh or cookies. Maybe french bread!
oh oh or smoked cheese.....hum...maybe I am just hungry! haha!


Beautiful, as always! I love your work. Have a good month. I'll check back to see if I may discover a sporadic moment.


Nothing ugly from what I see, Penny, only a gorgeous little quilt!


It's great...I love pieced backs so much as well!


I love it Penny -- it's just adorable!


It's fantastic ! Love it.


As always, Penny, your work and gifts shine with love and MasterFul abundance of creativity. What a gift of sparkle and love to dearest Arlene! No ugly, a whole lot of life, love and laughter! Treasures of friendshp!


you're a good friend...it's beautiful!

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