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17 August 2009


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That is a beautiful block! And the quilting really shows it off. Very inspiring!

shelia fisher

oh my gosh...i LOVE it...i've been starring at that pattern all weekend trying to get up the nerve to try it...and now you've added the quilting. It is truly beautiful..

good job..inspiring me!!! now...let's see if i carry thru...:0


Simply Fabulous, Ms. Penny!!!


love! :)


Echo. Echo. ! ;o) LOL Oh my gosh! Simply Fabulous! Echo. ;o) I LOVE this quilt. Please tell me you're my partner. please.....ooxx`jodi


I do know the power of one comment on the creative process! That square is lovely! I don't have any favorite books--I just glance through flicr for inspiration and new ideas.


penny! you did a fabulous job on the quilting! it radiates. nice job!


it looks great!!!


I love this! The quilting really makes it. Fabulous job.


Wow, Penny! I first read that quote, then again, then again - and yes, it makes perfect sense! How nice of Jacquie! I think what you quilted totally changed the block from fantastic to out of this world! Did you use your BSR or the walking foot?
I do have one book on the quilting process by Shirley Thompson - I sort of use it as inspiration - but so far I've pretty much let the quilt tell me what to do!


Gorgeous! Well done!


Awesome girl!! You are doing fantastic.


w.o.w., I *heart* this one, the quilting and the contrast center. Great work! : } pokey


It's beautiful!


LOVE it! And how interesting about the quilting - I usually don't think about it much either, but I've been trying to get more creative there. LOVE what you did here. Jacquie is SO inspiring!


These are fabulous! Gotta love those blogging friends who give tips and instruction, eh? :-)

Amy - parkcitygirl

Looks great Penny! That's how I saw my heart too - as a shape that I had to accentuate :) I love all your points - so precise!


Ooohhhh, I LOVE it Penny! The quilting just makes it, but I love the pretty prints too!


You have really outdone yourself! This is a fantastic quilt job. How nice to learn from a bloggy friend how to better your craft!


I love the quilting on this! I absolutely agree with Jacquie's comment and you were one smart cookie to go to her for advice, she has my utmost admiration as one of the best!


WOW! This from my dear one who a year or so ago wouldnt even entertain quilting! You blow my mind!

amy ( sew~amy)

this mini quilt is so cute.

Glynis Cozza

I still love this one! It popped up on you might like and I had forgotten about it! Love love love this!


I made this mini quilt for a swap the end of last year! The package got lost in the mailing process! The receiver never get the mini quilt from me! I have been feeling bump about it! Just saw yours tonight and though I should make another and send it over to her and give it another try! I love yours! I think I did the similar quilting, but didn't add boarders around!

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