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19 August 2009


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This turned out really cute. How much fun was it? Well done!


Oh it came out so cute! I like the way you rounded the corners. I really enjoyed using the ones I have -- nice and lightweight and of course, so easy to wash. I had mentioned in an earlier comment that my kids each had one made by my aunt. She also made several bed-size ones - quite an endeavour but really beautiful.

Bet it sells quickly!


That quilt turned out great. I love the rounded edges!

Amy - parkcitygirl

Super cute Penny! It looks so cozy!

Bev C

Congrats,it looks fantastic,I am sure it will be well loved by its new owner. Happy days.


that looks very good, Penny! how do you round the corners like that?


It's perfect Penny -- Bright and Happy!


Looks good Penny! I am sure someone will grab it pretty fast!


You did a great job. And by the way, I'm now working 1/2 days of Fridays, maybe we could meet up now?

baby hair bows

I'm thinking of sharing this with baby. ^_^ Kidding! It looks cozy.


DARLING. I'm really drawn to regular patchwork quilts lately - I'm busy cutting squares while my machine is at the spa. Nice job!!!!!!!!


oh it's so gorgeous Penny you have done such beautiful work


Oh what a sweet creation you made! I also adore a flannel back so so cuddly!


Love the fabrics...so cute!


This is so comfy looking. Great job!


Wonderful, Penny! I really like the rounded corners!


so cute! love the curved edges. :)


very beautiful quilt penny!! the colors and patterns are gorgeous!


Just checked out your Japanese craft book section. What is your source for these books (magazines)? I live in Florida and our Barnes and Noble doesn't carry any of these.

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