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16 September 2009


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What fun to see peoples imaginations in action! Hard to believe the thousands of people there. I had no idea it was that big. Nothing like crazy fun.


Oh my gosh those are great! I laughed out loud at some of those. Those really tall bikes make me nervous though - how in the world would you get on or off? LOL!!!!! Thanks for sharing these!


The tall bikes are just super amazing! Thanks for sharing these great pics Penny! :)


Honestly, I don't know how some of them can even ride. So fun, though!


This looks so fun! The guys with the gladiator theme are my fave. The flintstones a close second! If this is in Denver, I will be looking for it next year. My family will love it!


I just saw in my reader that I forgot to comment on these pictures and tell you how funny they are! Thanks for the laugh!


OH MY HECK! How much fun is that?? Is this in Colorado?

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