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11 September 2009


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What a kick! You're right, it was LOL and quite the spectacular event. Bet you go next year.


These pics are great - looks like alot of fun!

Jody Blue

Now I REALLY want a bicycle built for two!!


Those pics are great - what fun!


Wow! I like the bike-drawn wagon, the shark, and the tandem (at the bottom).


How fun - I love "shark-bike-man"!!


I've always wanted a bicycle built for two!!! Although where I live is not bike friendly and my husband kind of laughed whenever I've mentioned it... oh poo. Hehe!

Mary Lou Weidman

Now that looked incredibly fun and exciting and creative all rolled into one.
I want to come back and peek at that again and share it with friends!


i love all the fun and colorful costumes and the festive, carnival like atmosphere of it all!


That looks like it was way too much fun!


Excuse me, were we just observing? How did I miss out? And why wast thou not in any of the photographs? Or were you there and incognito? Missin you somethin fierce!

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