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28 October 2009


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Penny, it is wonderful!! I absolutely love it and the binding is genius. What a great collaboration.


Get out of here!! I LOVE IT!!!! the quilting is so cute and creative! Now I wish I'd have had enough scraps to participate, I want my name on your quilt!

Really, it's just amazing! One of my favorites I've ever seen. I mean it!

Paulette Doyle

Just lovely! Well done!


PS - please link to this on friday!!


:-0 This is awesome Penny!!! The quilting, I can't get over the quilting! I love the binding too, just wonderful!


I am totally in love with the quilting on this!!! Beautifully done! I love the binding and backing too... what's the grey fabric?


This is wonderful~! I love the quilting and binding....great quilt!


What a beautiful quilt. I love the quilting (of course)--what a unique way to incorporate the spirit of the project. Thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful project.

Jody Blue

That binding is perfect! What a sweet memory quilt!

Kirsten Nelson

Oh it is gorgeous! It turned out so good, awesome job! I love the quilting!


Making my autumn blanket was my first attempt at anything quiltlike. I can see why this can be addicting but it also gave me even more admiration for the real quilting stars.That blanket is beautiful! Love the names on them, if only my machine could move freehand properly, but it is an oldie that refuses to die.

sue brown

wow, it really looks stunning, I love your quilting, very cute.


and there it is...so pretty and I love the way you quilted the names of the other ladies! with my mom's cancer quilt, I did that with words like hope, courage, faith etc.

It makes a beautiful quilt...priceless!


It turned out great (I knew it would!). I just love the quilting you did---those little loops are awesome and I love the idea of putting peoples name in the quilt!

Patti Fawcett

I love the idea that you quilted the names in to the quilt. That is a great idea. I really love that the back is beautiful too! Really great job.


Awwwww Penny...it is lovely! That is such a wonderful idea. I love how it all just seems to work together, like you bought the fabrics for it.

Then to top it off with that wonderful quilting....so sweet!


This is great! The quilting is inspired - as is the binding.


Well, I'm so glad it's done and I sure am behind with your posts. I should have thought of the thread thing, but glad it's finally resolved. Thread quality makes a BIG difference.
Enjoy, you certainly earned the right to satisfaction. Job well done!


it looks really great!!


Wow! I LOVE the way you quilted that - what kind of machine do you have?


i'm so happy to have been a small part of this beautiful quilt. wonderful, simply wonderful!!


Love the choice of authentic for the binding! This is a beautiful stunning quilt!


Such a stunning quilt! And even more special that it was made along with your blog friends. Love how you quilted it!


Hi, Penny! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog :))) Actually - a space in that sewing class did open up, and I start on Halloween morning!! Woo hoo!!! For the 1st project they have you make a t-shirt - can't wait to post it!!! Have a great weekend! Marybeth

wishes, true and kind

Your quilt is gorgeous and so well thought out. It's really special!



Wow Penny!!!! What an unbelievably gorgeous quilt!!! I linked here from Amy's Sew and Tell Friday and I am so glad. I need to click on the other posts to get the back story of this amazing project. I absolutely love it. How special to quilt the names and daisies in each block!!! Not only a great idea but wonderful that you can actually do that (mine would be a mess)!!! Love the quilting, fabric scraps, backing, binding, everything!!!


What a stunning quilt Penny! I love all the colors. I also love how the back of the quilt has some pizzaz as well. Thanks for sharing, and great job, you should be very proud of your work

Vanessa K.

Cute quilt- love all the colors. Do you use a regular machine to quilt it or a longarm? Freemotion quilting is a challenge for me! (P.S. I'm changing my blog site, so I have a new addess- nothing there yet though!)


everything is GREAT about your quilt.
1. the blocks!
2. the colors!
3. the quilted names!
4. the binding!
5. the backing!
6. I could go on and on!

Angela M.

it is beautiful, what a wonderful job you did! i just love the authentic as the binding, what a fun idea! :)

Mrs Moen

Love your oh so bright and oh so pretty quilt; the backing too!


Great Job! What an accomplishment! It's stunning and very well done.


Gorgeous quilt.
Just discovered your blog today.
I'll be back!!!
Andi :-)


How fantastic this turned out, Penny! I love how you quilted it - and what a great fabric for the binding! I'm so glad L-man is having fun with it!


What a fantastic quilt! I love how you've grouped the colours - what a great idea. Also, I love the binding fabric choice. I might have to borrow that little idea. PS. I am a quilty dental hygienist too. Freaky huh?


Well done! Just lovely, the quilting just makes it.
Such a special quilt that has a special energy from so many like minded women, if I do say so myslef!
Great job as always!!


Oh Penny! It's gorgeous!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you quilted all the names into the quilt -- how fabulous!!! Thank you so much for hosting the swap -- I had a great time with it too -- and hopefully I'll get my quilt done soon!

Busy Little Quilter

It's gorgeous! I love all the fabrics (so sweet of people to share with you) and your quilting.

Carol Tice

Wow, I am impressed with this quilt. I don't like quilts that I can't see a specific pattern to. I can see several distinct patterns and that keeps my eyes staring at it.


It's so beautiful!

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