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21 November 2009


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I die everytime I see those blues and yellows together!

wishes, true and kind

900 signatures!!! Oh, I hope it works!!!!


OH MY - off to add my voice now! I never did get any of that fabric *sob*


900 signatures!!! that`s fantastic! and waiting to get that blues and yellows


I think my hubby and girls want to sign up too... they realy want me to stop yammering about my dreams at night that it is raining FMF, or my fantasy of walking into a little shop and finding bolts of it in a corner.

Dee Pavay

The flea market fancy fabrics are just gorgeous!

Dizzy Little Kingdom


I just stumbled upon your blog--I love it! Isn't Denyse Schmidt the best? I really hope they reprint "Flea Market Fancy." Fabric stores will have the material obsessed pounding down their doors. :)

P. Davidson

Love, love, love the fabrics. By the way...really enjoyed your story of your making the bag and bringing it to the airport filled with goodies!

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