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28 November 2009


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absolutely adorable... I love the roses and how you quilted around them... I'm totally stealing that idea!!!

wishes, true and kind

Love those wonky triangles! What will you do with them?

Lara Evans

Those triangles are awesome!

Paulette Doyle

Your triangles are wonderful-show us more!!!Can't wait to see what you make!
Also love the rose quilt! Well done!


these projects are amazing. i love the log cabin triangle idea. i can not wait to see what you do with them. Awesome finish. i really love the back. it looks great


love the triangles AND the roses!!


I love the quilt! It's so fabulous. Those triangles are so darned fun!


Oh, Penny!! The quilt looks so beautiful!!! I love the roses! And the back is also spectacular. The improved piecing gives it such a neat edgey/modern look.

Great triangles! Looking forward to seeing how that quilt comes together.


Wow, I love those triangles!


Rose turned out lovely and I can't wait to see what the triangles grow up to become!


Your project improv quilt is so fun, esp. the back. The triangles are fantastic, too!


Whoa! Stop the train--I love the triangles. And what a good idea to make something for yourself. Thanks for sharing that. Now to check out some of your links on the sidebar.


Very pretty! I'm really liking the wonky triangles. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for sharing!


I love them both, and I can I just say how excited I am about all your free tutorials?! You rock! (except for the fact that my project list just got a lot longer...)

sue brown

lokking good with the triangles Penny. I just did a heap more today too. Love the rose quilt, front and back.


Those triangles are very cool! I love the wonky blocks:) Can't wait to see the finished project.


Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt! Yay, that's it's completed!


Oh, beautiful quilt...I think "rose" is a good name :)

Like what you are doing with those little triangles.

Jody Blue

Love the rose quilt, and how much fun that you get to be the one to enjoy it!!


Oh my such cuteness on your blog - I LOVE those triangles and that Rose quilt is gorgeous!!!! You're such an inspiration!


Now those are my kind of triangles AND...that's my kind of quilt too....so send them on over!!!


Love your new quilt Penny! Looks like you've been having lots of fun. Can't wait tos ee what those triangles become!

Mom Wald

I haven't heard anyone use the word "wonky" in ages! That's exactly what your triangles are. That, and fabulous! They simply make you smile. I can't wait to see what you turn them into.

Cheryl Arkison

I've done some wonky triangle before, it was actually my Project Improv piece. It gives you fantastic results.


Oh my both pics are lovely, I love the back of the rose quilt!! The triangles are so intriging- is it a pattern or from a book? How do you do them? I am dying of curiosity now!!

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