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22 November 2009


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So, so helpful! There is always something new for me to learn in quilting!


Penny, I meant to share this earlier but life got in the way. :) I have recently discovered 505 Adhesive - it is specifically made for fabric basting and it is incredible. I found some at a quilt shop - it doesn't seem to be available at Joann's or Michaels. A little goes a long way and it is non-toxic and doesn't smell at all. I tape the backing down, lay the batting on top of it, and fold half of the batting back. I spray the batting and fold it back down. Then I do the same thing to the other side so the batting is now basted to the back. I repeat this for the top and I can baste an entire throw-size quilt in about 10-15 minutes with NO pins. I left one quilt basted like this for 3 months and the adhesive was still perfect. No gummy needles, and it washes out perfectly in the first wash. LOVE THIS STUFF!! I can't say enough good things about it. :)


Hi, Penny! Thank you so much for posting all of these ideas - there is a lot of good advice in this post... I want to try that stuff that Stephanie mentions in the comment before mine - that sounds great and easy!


Wow what an amazing list of information. I have never quilted, in fact I am starting a course in the New Year. I am sure that this information will be so helpful when I have my first try.


Wow! You got some great tips there Penny -- thanks so much for taking the time to post them for us!


Holy cow - these are great! No matter how long I quilt, I still find so much new to try, and there's a lot here I'd like to try! Thank you for posting this!


oh man. I need to get basting.
And I don't mean a turkey. :)

Kathi D

Thank you for collecting all this wisdom and putting it in one place!


No time now, but wow! Can't wait to read through them all and garner some great tips! Thanks for doing this!


So many great ideas. Thanks for posting this in such an easy to read way!

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