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19 November 2009


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Happy Basting! LOVING the pincushion!!!!!!!!!!


You know what...you're so clever to put all the ideas in one post, not just comments because not everybody learns the same or is best at one way or another. I just hate books that only teach one way and expect everyone to learn the way they teach!

I love it!
Thank you!



Now to go read all the basting ideas!


I think that it is very interesting that most everyone is pin basting. That has always been my choice for basting. Recently I watched Patsy Thompson's DVD where she recommends using the spray basting method. I have only used it on small projects, but it does work like a dream. However I do not wash my small projects, so I hope it won't be a problem later. When I have pin basted larger quilts, I always end up with puckers on the back, which is very frustrating. I am looking forward to seeing your compilation of the blogs.


Thanks for compiling all the basting information in one spot. I love your pincushion button. Adorable.


what a great idea, Penny!


Back in my early basting days I would have loved a post like this to help me out! I'm looking forward to learning every one else's tricks of the trade!

wishes, true and kind

FMF!?!?! I'm intriqued! :)


GREAT idea!!!!!

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