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27 December 2009


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wishes, true and kind

I never noticed before, buy gray and mustard really do look great together! :)

kristine hanson

that is a fancy iron!!! I will send you a picture of my iron so your hubs can see it, this new one is really nice! kinda funky looking!


woo-hoo! Great iron! And your bag is super. Great combination.


Super nice!

Jody Blue

That looks like the Cadillac of irons! Good tools are a must! The bag is very cute.


I love the bag. Really beautiful, surely you can't bring yourself to part with it?


iron envy!!
and personally, im thrilled to see you have already used fabric from your great haul just a few days ago!!


well, lost my comment...but I like the bag and the iron!

use them both in the best of health!


Hi. I just found your website and bookmarked it. Looks like it's going to be lots of fun checking in on what you're up to!


Awesome bag, I've always loved grey and mustard together! Well done!
And congrats on getting the BMW of irons :-) Made in Germany, oh yeah! hehe

Kaye Prince

Love the bag Penny; the colours are great!

I actually received a Rowenta for Christmas from my Mum. I've only used it once so far, but am loving it already! Enjoy yours and I'll be sending along the thing we talked about for FMFF in a short while, I promise!

Michele Q.

Well done on the bag --it's very nice.

The iron thing cracks me up because I had the exact same iron as your old one (made in China) that recently died and just last week bought the exact same one as your new one (made in Germany)! Did you get it at Costco? I do like it --it's heavier than the old one.


Love the grey and yellow of your bag!

That iron is very hi-tech looking. Will be watching for a report on its performance.


Ouuuuu...what a scrumptious bag...cute colors.....and yeh
I'm with Anne....very hi-tech looking iron
you have there....I'm keeping my fingers
crossed on mine lasting a l-o-n-g time!!!


love the bag!! and i agree, i have been loving on mustard yellow and grey for about a year now. where did you find the grey linen...cant find it anywhere around here
which book was it in, by the by


That's a most gorgeous bag! The color and texture combo is perfect!!

Wishing you a sparkling, twinkling, happy new year!!!


CUTE bag! And which model of iron is that? It looks super fancy! I love my Rowenta (now that it's working properly!) :)


the bag is great...looks roomy too! i can't wait to hear what you think of your iron...my rowenta died a couple of days ago...i'm in the market again. hope you had a wonderful christmas.


I have a couple yards of blue linen and mustard fabric all packed away ready to be made into a similar bag--we are so on the same wave-length!


Love the bag, and wow, nice iron! I have a Rowenta too, but I'm due for a new one


I love the bag Penny -- especially that lining fabric -- too cool! Congrats on the new iron -- I hope you love it!

Mom Wald

I haven't succumbed to the seduction of sewing with linen yet, but you are making it very tempting.

New bag, new iron, what a way to start the new year.


Penny, I can't remember if I've already commented on this post or not, but every time I visit your blog, I'm distracted by this bag and how cute it is!!


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