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19 December 2009


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I also have a Rowenta that I've used for the past 6 or 7 years. The only difference is that I never put water in mine. I keep a spray bottle on my ironing board, and use that when I need to dampen a piece of fabric or clothing. I really love my Rowenta. Mine is made in Germany. I've noticed that some of the ones that JoAnn's carries are made in China. I actually bought mine at Costco years ago.

Chelsea the Yarngeek

I use a Rowenta as well. My friend who runs a custom slipcover business (and was a seamstress for years before that) swears by them. Mine is not the industrial version like hers, but it still heats up really hot, gets pretty steamy, and has a nice long cord. So far, I haven't found any disadvantages to it. It's a nice, reliable iron that is easy to use. Good luck on your quest for a new iron!

Kristine Hanson

I have the same exact iron as you BUT mine has duct tape keeping it together at the bottom because I have dropped mine SO many times...still works though! Good luck finding a new one, I will go back to a Rowenta when I need to...good deals on them at Macy's right now!


I also have a rowenta. I do not use steam. Instead I use a spray bottle like another commentor. I do think the iron heats up fast and the heat turns off if I forget to turn it off. Irons don't last forever. :)


I too have a Rowenta... it was a housewarming gift from my husband's aunt. It works a charm but I've only had it 2 years, and it hasn't been dropped or damaged... esp since my husband wouldn't know where the iron was kept if his life depended on it lol

Hopefully you'll find a good replacement with all the holiday sales going on!

Paulette Doyle

OOOHHH! You're talking about an iron?...I thought you were talking about me....;o)
Take care!


I have a Black and Decker Digital Advantage Iron. I LOVE it. It's bigger and heavier with a stainless steel plate.


Yes...a crafter lives and dies at the hands of an iron! You are sooo right.

Hope you find the perfect one that meets all your needs.

Have a wonderful holiday Penny.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co.

I have been using a Rowenta since May and love it. Pricey but worth it.


I'm a Rowenta girl! I know lots of people don't like them, but I've had one for almost 15 years and love it. The cord sort of melted about 6 months ago, so hubby got me a new rowenta. In the meantime, he fixed the cord, so now I have a spare. The secret is to use drinking water -- I buy it in the gallon jugs in the grocery store.


Thanks for stopping by. I currently have a black and decker. I know what you mean about the leaking water etc. I have had new ones that do that. This one seems to be fine. I read the comment about Rowenta's being made in China, and I was told that also about Husquavarna sewing machines, so that is why I did not purchase that particular brand. Could be the same for the irons. Hope you find a good one. Jackie


Oh I am learning so much reading all these comments! I have a steam master; which was cheaper that the Rowenta everyone is talking about, but it was expensive for me. My favorite feature is that the cord is retractable which would come in handy if I ever clean up my sewing corner and put the iron away! I like the idea of using a spray bottle instead of putting water inside the iron.
My suggestion is to put the extra money into it and it will last you longer and be worth it in the long run.
Happy Holiday's Penny!


I went back and forth contemplating whether to fork out the bucks for a Rowenta, but I ended up purchasing a Sunbeam Professional. I do think Rowentas work a bit better, but I am happy with my Sunbeam and it was less than a third of the price.


I have a Black and Decker that I bought for it's light weight. It works great and was very economical.


I am HATING my iron right now. It has an auto-off feature that tried to turn the thing off every 8 minutes!! And when I'm ironing, it wants me to pick it up from flat ever 15 seconds - insane.


I've had three Rowentas and they all leaked and spit...... I now own a Shark from Walmart and after a year, it doesn't leak or spit. Im sold on those.


I love my Rowenta!! Haven't had a problem with it. It has a stainless steel plate which I really like because the heat is even and doesn't give off fumes the way Teflon-coated products do.


First of all, congratulations on winning Twiddletails Wild Thyme contest! Lucky you!

Secondly, I use a Black and Decker something or other. I don't necessarily recommend it but I can share what I find most important in an iron: 1) No auto-shutoff feature (I know it's for safety, but my iron never sits out after I'm done using it, so I don't need it to shut off on me). I quilt and it seems that it's always shutting off just when I need it. 2) I like a large water reservoir so I don't have to keep refilling it. 3) I like a self clean feature so I can just press a button and built-up residue blows out of it. That's actually kind of fun. 4) I like a long cord since I move the iron around depending on what I'm ironing and whether I want to watch tv when I'm doing it. My old house doesn't have very well-situated outlets. One thing my Black and Decker DOESN'T do is leak water - I love that.


I have a Rowenta and LOVE LOVE It! Its fairly new, about a year old.

Not too pricey either! Good luck finding a new one - such a big decision~ =)


My iron is a $10 number from wally world... and it's like 10 years old. It's such a trooper. My mom always threatens to steal it when she comes over cause it does not have auto shut off.

Jody Blue

Black and Decker auto off with a really long cord, bought at a thrift sale for $2. I have kids who on occasion iron their own stuff...auto off needed!


Everyone is having iron problems these days!

I looked at every iron on the shelves at Sears, Target, Walmart and they are all made in China. I did that research when I went through 4 irons last year. Brand new, highly recommended irons that lasted only months or less.

So I went to Ebay and bought a 1960s GE that was made in the USA and all metal. No more problems. No more automatic shut off or loss of heat or anything the others did. And it was SUPER cheap.


I have a Shark - got it at Target last year. I loved it until a couple weeks ago - now when I use the steam function it makes a lot of hissing and spatters a lot! Also, it doesn't seem to heat up adaquately. :(

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