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26 January 2010


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I llllllloooooove the quilt. LOVE it. Wow. On my to do list.


i am in love with that quilt! so pretty!!!


the quilt is very fun and an awesome way to keep using fabric you love!

skiing sounds heavenly. we took the boys snow tubing, not quite as slow and relaxing, but a memory we will always treasure!

have a great day!


love love love the ticker tape quilt. It looks wonderful!

Also loving your 'proper' snow. Our snow lasted a couple of weeks and is now all gone. Back to the drizzle of the UK, as usual. Bleurgh.
Having 2 children I can't see life slowing down for a few years...maybe when they leave home, eh?


Your ticker tapes are looking great!


Ha! I see a little snippet of that kitchen fabric from our swap (the mixer) LOL! That quilt is SO. DARN. CUTE. What a fun project! I miss CrazyMom, don't you?

If I had a list to slow down (which I should), visiting the gorgeous snow in your beautiful state would surely be at the top of it. Love the pictures!

amy ( sew~amy)

I love that quilt. It is going to be gorgeous.


Hey Penny, I luv it! Well done! Happy sewing!

Jody Blue

What a gift to be out and enjoy such creation!! Very cool quilt.


The quilt looks great! I love it.


love your quilt! What a lot of pretty fabric...all wrapped up together!


Oh, my GOSH I love your quilt!! I never thought of doing a ticker tape quilt on blocks - genius!! How are you going to quilt it?


looks like a fun quilt to put together.

i've always wanted to go cross country skiing. maybe someday.........


that quilt is SUPER awesome! I need/want to find some more time for sewing.. I have many projects I want to work on but get caught up in the busyness of life lately its been hard to find extra time


Love the quilt top! I need to do something like this because my scraps are getting ridiculous hehe I don't think I need to slow down but I think my husband needs to put his feet up once in a while. Dude goes 100 mph non-stop.


cute ticker tape quilt...love using those scraps!...slowing down...will think about that.


I can't wait to see what you do next with this quilt.


What a great way to use those tiny scraps from pieces of fabric that we really love!
Nothing wasted and the beautiful simplicity of favorite fabrics.

wishes, true and kind

I adore your ticker tape quilt, and from the responses on Flickr, I'd say I'm not alone! I almost started one in December, then got bogged down with life. I'll be very interested to see how you quilt this.


it's so cute, penny and a great way to use up lots of scraps! we've been xcountry skiing around here too...doesn't look like your landscape though. all the snow has melted here...now we've just got mud! slowing down...i should think about that.


Love the quilt...it's absolutely adorable! Ho blessed you are to be able to get out and enjoy God's creation in such a beautiful setting.

Crafty Mummy

What a gorgeous quilt!


your quilt is beautiful!! are all of the edges left raw or did you turn them under?? now i want ot make one!!


Wow I love that quilt - love it love it love it!
Looks like a pretty day - I prefer the beach though! That's where I go to slow down.

Debbie  St.Germain

What a creative quilt, fun project to do.
I love to CC ski too, but no snow now.



Your ticker tape tiles (blocks) are so fresh and fun! Thank you for sharing! I have to put this on my to-do list...
; )

Lovely pictures from your skiing trip - makes winter worth it!


You know all those scraps I have hanging around--Vintage sheets I can't part with--they would be perfect in a ticker tape quilt!!!


LOVE this quilt!!! I knew I was saving scraps of fabric for something!!! Your ski pictures turned out great! I need to get out and cc ski sometime!!!


Your quilting is always so inspiring, Penny!

Mom Wald

It's a good thing that you make cozy quilts since you like to live where it's cold enough to ski!


Jealous... I wanna be skiing... sewing, not the most talented, skiing yup, I can do that (kinda)! It looks like you had a nice time and what a lovely lunch bench :)


Ticker tape is fabulous Penny. I love it.


Penny, You never cease to inspire me and make me wish that I was retired and quilt quilt quilt! LOVE the quilt and will have to play with this idea! Em


Oh I love that quilt! So pretty, and very different!


LOVE that quilt!


Man oh man I love that quilt! I'm in bed reading your blog from my phone and it makes me want to get up and sew!

Cheryl Arkison

I feel like life is a little slow right now... So I'm jazzing things up. But in doing so I am focused on the things I love. That works for me.


Hi! I googled "ticker tape quilt" and found your wonderful quilt! (I'm experimenting with a raw edge t.t.q. currently)

The XCSkiing looks g r e a t ! Used to, when younger!

Smiles, Cat


Wow! That quilt is gorgeous, makes me really want to get sewing ... but unfortunately there are boring household chores to do first.
You've got a lovely colourful blog, glad I stumbled across it. Best wishes Valerie


Oh Wow....love this....today I posted about my ticker tape place mats I made back in NOV.
Wasn't this a fun project....I love how you did yours on blocks....w-a-y easier to handle!!


Popping in to say hi and I LOVE this!

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