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16 January 2010


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little t jane

oh i love them! bee blocks are so sweet :D


no bees for me. although it looks like a lot of fun! You did a great job!


Wow - those hexagons are so cool! That looks like a huge challenge to set them into the large square.

And I'm so excited I'm in the Bee with you! Can't wait to see what you do with my fabrics in March!

Monika Bauer

Yep - I am with two, with one of them I only joined this week. They were so kind in letting me slip in!!

The first is the Circuit Block Party and the other is the LJ Birthday Quilters Party.

This is the first year I have joined so I am very excited!!

Love the hexagons too!!


I love those blocks on the top. I would love to know how you made them.

I am in the Snip.Sew.Send quilting bee and it has been SO much fun using fabrics and styles that I wouldn't have otherwise


Very Cute Penny! I love that little tiny block -- it looks like a lot of work. I'm swapping a few wonky houses with a few girls, but we're taking our own sweet time LOL!


Love that! I wonder if there is anything like that here in Guatemala.

Good job on the squares!


Those are darling!!!! No, I'm not joining anything this year - no swaps, nuthin'!


cute! I am excited you are joining our bee too! FUN! I think we'll get started in Feb...


Pretty pretty! And so creative. I'm in love with hexagons lately!


The bee blocks are amazing and look so challenging! Love the simplicity and yet look sophisticated. How fun!

Jody Blue

My Grma used to "bee" a part of a sewing circle. My life needs to slow down a bit before I can indulge myself(boys keep my days full).


I celebrated your bee blocks on my blog post yesterday, I simply love them. I love to take a daily peek at what you are up to!


I joined my first virtual bee this year. I am also the first one to send out my fabrics. I may have chosen a block that is a little challenging for some...so I am worried that the very nice ladies in my bee wish I had done a simple block. Also, a question for some of you...I think the hard thing about the bees and swaps is that it is difficult to know when they are opening up. Then, when you find one it is all full!
Sooo disappointing : (


Those hexagons look so beautiful I would love to know how you made them. Looking at them gave me the idea that I could make some in my curtains. But how do you do them? Or where can I find how to do them? Greetings from Germany


Oh my gosh you are working on great stuff.


i'm super-stoked to have received your fabric today. other than a notion or 2, i've done the busy little quilting bee & am also currently doing tethered threads.

i know what i'm doing for this round, but am keeping it a surprise.

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