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03 February 2010


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I wish I was your secret person! So cute!!!!


What a pretty, pretty doll quilt! I wish i was your secret person too. ;)


Beautiful! I hope to get in on the next swap.


Oh I love thaT!!! Sooo cute and original!



Wow - that is so darling! I love that size quilt, perfect for cheering up a bit of wall space.


OMG - I love the quilted seeds! How clever!


Super cute! Love all the creative little quilts I've been seeing. Someone is going to be very excited to receive this.


the little birds are just way over the top! very creative and soothing to the eye!

great job.


Ooooh, that's super cute Penny! I think a wall of doll quilts from all your swaps sounds really fun!


Very cute! I love the quilting - looks like bird seeds. My mini quilt wall is the favorite in my house, start one for sure!


Penny, I just STAY jealous over here in the land of unreliable mail. I'll continue to live vicariously through you and your crafty friends until I return to the land of plenty. :-)


It's very cute! Your partner will be very happy.


Oh how I wish it was me. It is so so fabulous.


I really like the quilting! Maybe this is coming my way??


I love this doll quilt, it is so cute.


wow-super lucky partner! i have been anxiously checking here to see if you've finished the ticker tape quilt which is beautiful!!! you're very talented!


I think I already told you on flickr how much I like this! Still do!


That is darling. I have joined everything under the sun this past month, but not a DS, so maybe ...


aaaaahhh cute! i have to resist signing up for anything...but i know what you mean...these dq's are so cute and it's nice to work on something small and reasonably quick.


That is really cute! You are quite talented.

wishes, true and kind

Great doll quilt! I love it!

urban craft

I love it! I'm still not brave enough to attempt quilting, even dolly sized.

Mary Lou Weidman

I love your blog and I just added your address to my link site for others to enjoy it too!


I am planning to donate doll-size quilts to our local neonatal intensive care. My knitters group has been making hats, booties, and bassinet blankets but they also welcome quilted blankets. I thought I would sew a few for a change of pace. Are you aware of any free patterns or design ideas available on the web? The little quilts/blankets are roughly the size of an American dish towel. Thanks!

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