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23 April 2010


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Karen H

I remember that song from the Dr. Demento (sp?) radio show.......... I took my fish head out to see a movie, didn't have to pay to get him in........ :)

wishes, true and kind

LOL -- I'm speechless! Well, almost....
I love the block!


I remember it from Dr. Demento too. I had no idea there was a video. In fact I can't believe there was a video. And no thank you for putting that song in my head - it will days to get it out. ;)


Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up yum! ha ha - I remember that song!


What a fun pattern (and a great bunch of fabrics!)


LOL! My husband's going to blame you for me singing this song over and over now!

Thanks for the block! Gorgeous! :)


Ok, that cracked me up and creeped out my son, lol! I do like the quilt block!


lol i had to watch it! how wierd but entertaining :)


I've sung this to my boys (does that date me?)

Thanks for the laugh and stroll down memory lane. Love the block!


Penny, I totally watched the entire video! Craig and I did a google search for this song recently, but we never found this video. I was cracking up! Thanks for the laugh.

Oh, yeah. And as always, your block is beautiful!


I'm jealous, I want some of those fish heads, too!


I have never heard this! Funny! Your block is great:)


Great scrappy block! My favorite. :-)


That song is too funny! I love that block, too! What is the pattern?


Thanks for the video. I never heard the song before. Although I enjoyed it, I don't think I'll be loading it on my IPod. I do love the block.


You are hysterical! That clip made me laugh so loud I'm sure the neighbors are wondering!


o.m.g. Funny and creepy! I love the block too!

Now it is stuck in my head too!


That's a very cool block! I remember that song from back in the day. Love the fish fabric!


Hee hee! I remember that song! It's just to crazy :o)

Now my kids are singing it, eek!
I had never seen a block like that before. It's very eye catching.

Thanks for the memory.

Mom Wald

My brother-in-law likes to say that if you haven't grown up by thirty, then you don't have to. My response is from a poster I found, youth is fleeting, but immaturity lasts forever.


Oh my, that song! Brings back memories!


I only ever knew the chorus! What a totally weird video. I sing this song every time I eat sushi. Now I have more lyrics. :)


I remember that from about 1980. I can't even remember where I saw it first. SNL? maybe. ANyway I recently sang it and my kids heard me and thought I had finally truly gone nuts. They were disgusted. It is strange what entertains us. I'm pretty disgusted by some of the things they think are funny!

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