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01 June 2010


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Penny, these blocks are just too sweet!

Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

Our weekend was great spent with family and friends. It went by way too fast!


Not just you...definately Monday-ish-ness in the air! Love those blocks!


Kelly O.

those are GREAT blocks! I tried to follow your link to the book and it came out at a different site...
could you email me the title?

lois grebowski

That's cute! Definitely Monday... all over!!!!


cute blocks!!


These blocks are fantastic! You always have such great things to share.

And since you asked about our weekend, in case you haven't read my "Bits of My Weekend" post, we came very close to being charged by a mad mama elephant in Swaziland! Never dull.


Happy Late Birthday! I love these blocks. So fun.


Love your ice cream cones!

sew katie did

super cute! We had rain...so much sewing here. Happy belated birthday!


It's hot outside and you are showing adorable ice cream blocks. Does that mean ice cream cones for lunch are ok?!


love the ice creame cone. thanks for the quilt as you go tutorial. I'd been trying to decide if I could make a king quilt, but didn't want to incur the long arm fee. This may be the way. Thank you.


Yum, ice cream! Great blocks :)

Penny G

I love ice cream cones, even fabric ones.


Super cute blocks!

Happy Belated Birthday. What an awesome way to celebrate.

This past weekend was nice and slow.


These are so cute.


Those blocks are stinkin' cute!!! My weekend was spent trying to escape the heat - I think you had much more fun than me, lol!


It was the 4 day weekend! I don't even WORK right now, and the effect of the 4 day weekend hit me too. I sure feel like this week is going by too fast already because, well... Isn't it SUPPOSED to be Monday? Lol. Love those blocks!


long weekend. wanted to make stuff but had to clean and get ready for a rummage sale next weekend.

your quilt pieces are lovely.

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