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23 July 2010


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Something about words on fabric that is so appealing. I had the flower word print in the periwinkle version. Love the rosey pinks too.


Very pretty Penny. I love fabric with words on it too!


First fabric is absolutely gorgeous!!!


I love fabric with text too! It's super cute, Penny! Great find :)


Irresistible lovelies! The first fabric is just too cute. Happy weekend to you too Penny!


I have that first fabric! I made a garden apron with it and I love it!


Lovely fabric. Check out pink penguins sewing blog. She uses (and sells) the most amazing fabrics (loads with text on too which I think she has started designing). Lush!!

Glynis Cozza

Love the old style newspaper/seed catalog text. Whatcha gonna do with it?


I am loving fabric with text on it too, the second I saw that first one my jaw dropped, I immediatley went and ordered some for myself! Thanks for sharing!


love seeing what others have in their stash! helps me learn just a little bit more about their personalities!

these are definitely fun!

sue brown

interesting that you should post this right now as I have been collecting fabrics with writing on them for a while now for a project I have in mind and was going to post about the fabrics this weekend.


I love fabric with text too. I have some with a newsprint collage on it. If I ever see it again, I think I'll buy the whole bolt!

Robyn - Coffee and Cotton

Very nice...and you made me look! I had to go see all the on sale fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop

Em Celebrates

What a fun post to read this morning! I too have fallen in love with text fabric and recently my mom sent the "BLAH BLAH BLAH" which reminds me of Charlie Brown. Do you have this one? Kind of like having coffee with you this morning! Love, Em


Great fabrics! Love the seed packet print!


That text fabric is so beautiful! Not that I should be buying fabric, sigh.


Oh fabric. How I love thee.


i love fabric with text. i thing they are my favourites. i always buy some when i see it.

Jody Blue

Advertisements with a vintage feel are a favorite of mine!

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