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20 July 2010


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SO, SO, Jealous!!!!! We have plans to go camping next week and I hope my campsite looks like yours did!!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!!!

shelia fisher

So glad your back...but those pictures are FAB!!! Glad you had a wonderful time.

I spent most of last week preparing for a baby shower for my daughter. Our first Grandson will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. For a mom of 3 girls...WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR ONE OF THOSE ROUGH AND TUMBLE BOYS :)


Wow Penny! It looks like you've been having a wonderful time -- that water is gorgeous. And the short are so cute!


Ahhhhh ...... I'm relaxed just looking at your pictures. Beautiful! My vacation is next week and I'm counting the minutes.


Welcome back. We all missed you bunches and are green with jealousy. Looks and sounds like a great time. All the things you love around you. Hope you're refreshed, revitalized, renewed!


Now that's MY ideal vacation! LOVE the contrast quilting! Are you using pearl thread?


i'm so jealous right now that i can't event tell how much ehehehe

wishes, true and kind

Oh, there's that wonderful pop-up again! What a gorgeous spot to camp in! I will be sleeping in ours by Thursday night. Can't wait!


Beautiful! You have such a knack for triggering a longing in me. :-)

Lois Grebowski

Oh penny, that view is great! Looks like the perfect pop-up spot.


wondered how you were doing! love the shots and the fact that you had hot springs (God's hot tub) make it all that much more pleasant!

cute shorts!


What a beautiful place. Looks like lots of fun.


I have not been doing nearly as fun and outdoorsy as you! What a lovely place!


That water is so blue! Truly amazing. Your nest looks ever so cozy... I think I'd spend my entire time curled up there with a good book. Who needs to eat! :D


What a beautiful place to camp and relax! How long did you get to go for? Makes me want to go camping even more! Soon!


Love the fabric and the shorts! Now that our son is going to be a senior in high school I'm going to start looking for a pop up for us. My son hates camping, sweating and all that goes with it so I needed to wait until he's old enough to stay home alone a couple of days. Great pics, looks serene.


What a great place to camp and relax. Good thing us gals can take needlework even when we don't take our sewing machines.


Your camping trip looks much calmer than mine but I loved mine all the same...even the thunder and lightning storm we endured in our tent. Your bright and colorful work is just like eye candy. Thanks for sharing!

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton

W O W!!!! How beautiful. I have been wanting a pop-up for forever! Welcome home!


My last 2 weeks are clearly not as wonderful as yours! It looks like an amazing place!


The sky and the water are SO blue! Looks like an amazing time was had!


Oh now you have my attention! I LOVE to camp and we have a much too big popup for the two of now. There is nothing like the feeling & relaxation you get from camping in a beautiful spot in nature! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos :)


i was just in a pop up camper, too, but i was in my parents' driveway. staying in the camper with the baby limits the stress levels of visiting their house. your vacation looks much more relaxing.

Mary Lou Weidman

Now that is my idea of the perfect vacation-beauty and fresh air and my quilting-also that corn quiche recipe looks fabulous-I plan to try it with my flank steak recipe. Love your blog!


The sleeping shorts fabric is fabulous!

I have a question about your camper as we are looking at getting one. Make and model? It looks small when closed and huge when open - do you like the size?

Thanks for any info you have time to pass along! Take care. Alexandra


I hope you don't mind my comment as I'm kind of a lurker here. :) Your trip looks absolutely amazing--we've looked into getting a pop-up camper but live in Texas and only have a few months out of the year when it isn't too dang hot to camp. But this? Gorgeous!


Alexandra, it's the Freedom by Rockwood. It's the smallest one they make and is around 12oo pounds. We love the smaller one because my husband can pick the tongue up and move it around where he wants it. Also, in Colorado, once a trailer is over 2000 pounds, you have to pay higher taxes on it. Also, obviously, the heavier it is, the more gas you use hauling it.
Ours will sleep 6 comfortably. There are 3 full size beds. One on each end, and a table area in the center that makes into one of them. It has a fridge, heater, and sink. We haven't used the sink, and probably never will since filling the water reservoir is just something else that needs to be taken care of. It also has an air conditioner on the roof which can be used when the camper is plugged in (which honestly, we rarely camp anywhere that has plug ins.) Hope that helps!

Glynis Cozza


Em Celebrates

Oh how I smiled big when seeing your trailer and the chairs and the lake, how beautiful and how much I love camping also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on a wonderful trip away, glad you are back, I miss when you aren't posting!!!


wow, that water is so gorgeously blue! So glad you had a nice trip! And cute shorts!


Hey Penny,

It's been too long since I lurked here but I was drawn by the pop-up. I am convinced of this. I liked pop up camping when we tried it this year. Not so much in the one we borrowed but we sure liked sleeping off the ground and, whhooo hoooo, refrigeration. I hope you enjoy your pop up time!

Jody Blue

Goodness isn't creation amazing!! What a way to relax! On of our boys just came home from a trip to Boundary Waters, they did alot of portaging, he loved every minute of it.

silvia bretas

l just found your blog through another blog, and l was loking at this post and Gosh am l jealous of you.. here in AZ HOt, HOT, Hot, the only word l can discribe it. one day l will take a vacation like that... one day!!!!

Kathy Davis

Hi Penny,

I love the shorts you made out of my Sew Square Journeys fabric. I featured it on my blog!

Sharon Eisen

Oh! I feel soooooo sorry that you had to look at that scenery. I am certain that you were wishing all along that I could do it for you.

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