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24 August 2010


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I love that tent-like thing...What kind of tent is that? :)


What an amazing feat! Just wondering what that black hairy looking thing is in the background...are there bears up there?
The mushrooms were beautiful!

Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise

Beautiful photos! And what a trek! We lived in Avon, near Vail, years ago and, of course, went all over CO. Mt of the Holy Cross is definitely an awesome sight when filled with snow!


You're brave... even looking at the pictures gives me vertigo! Plus I have trouble climbing a flight of stairs!.. too old and too fat! lol!


Wow Penny. Wow oh Wow. I'd love to do something like that -- you're SOOO lucky. It looks like you had a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures!


Good for you! What a great hike. I know you've been trying to get this one in for some time. Glad you finally made it. CONGRATS!!


good for you! i tried to climb one a couple of years ago, but the wind was crazy on the day we picked (50-70 MPH). haven't gone back to try again...but we should!

Glynis Cozza

So proud of u! Thanks for sharin the joy!


I'm reading "Three Cups of Tea" which has a lot of climbing information and stuff in it!

I'm completely admiring your skills and commitment!


Wow! Loved to "share" the beautiful climb with you (comfortably seated at home). You are sporty! No quilter's butt workout necessary there...

; )

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton

Congratulations!! I have friends who have done all the fourteeners. I admire you. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.
Oh...and I have not forgotten your hat. Honest. :D


Holy Cow. I'm impressed and amazed. Congrats. Good for you. I love the mushrooms.


DANG girl. I am so impressed! And just a little dizzy after looking at that pic. You guys rock!


Oh wow. Those mushrooms dont look real. The fam and I are going camping this weekend. Woo hoo.


Wow - what amazing pictures. Thank you for inviting us into your adventure.


Looks like it was awesome fun! Congrats for accomplishing it. (I'd probably wimp out!)


are those real red mushrooms with dots on them?!

Awesome photos! What a great trip that must have been.

Jody Blue

Now that is beyond fun! What an adventure, those mushrooms are adorable. Your other pictures are pretty fun also.

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