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28 August 2010


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ahhhh, so cool! I never could find real lavendar to put in the sachets, but this is such a great idea! Adding it to my idea folder. Thanks for sharing.

Amy (badskirt)

I'm probably in the minority on this, but I wouldn't put fragrances anywhere near my fabrics. =/

That said, your little scrappy It's super cute. Keep in mind that you can't send rice to many overseas countries. Be careful or customs will confiscate them in some places.

I'd use them in my knickers drawer.


Great idea!!! I am not surprised that it is scrappy, rather, I would be disappointed if it weren't!! I will be making these!!


Where does one get Lavender oil?

Dana - Old Red Barn Co.

Cool! I have all of this on hand and these would make the coolest gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

Charmaine Taylor

Great idea. I have been making Lavender pincushions.


I wanted my computer to be a scratch and sniff this morning so I could smell the lavendar. Thank you for taking the time to detail the instructions! DOn't you love little surprises?


yummy! I love the little strawberry sachet you put in our first swap package! I have it in my car. :)


great idea.

Holly k

cool....I've never thought about making the scent with oil and rice! :) What a great idea! These look so cute and so easy!!! :)


so darling penny! Love that, and I do have some lavendar oil!! :)


What a LOVELY idea! When Midge from Soggibottom sent me my wristwarmers, they smelled absolutely heavenly - she said the yarn was in a basket with some Lush soap. Honestly I couldn't stop smelling them. I think scented fabrics and hey, gifts too, is a fantastic idea!


What a lovely idea!

Jody Blue

I'm going to give this a try with rice bags that we heat in the micro wave...my fabric won't be as fun as yours, its MN Viking stuff that my boys have requested for their bags.


This is a lovely idea, Penny. I have some dried lavender (from the garden) that I'll try adding th the rice. Thank you for sharing!


This is simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us. I would love to find the time to make some of these! I love the little stitch circle in the middle, too.

Glynis Cozza

Fun way to use all those little irregular scraps we couldnt part with :)
Fragrantly yours,

Aunt Spicy

That might be one f the most thoughtful ideas...am totally going to copy you!

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