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18 September 2010


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I'm telling you... it's a "traceyjay" and her brood. ;)


and good job on the fabric diet... I'm staying strong too (though I did sell a baby quilt, and I think I might use the proceeds for some fabric). ;)


ooooh Love the jays. I have to check out the attern.


What a cute little set of jays.......


Love it... will definately be doing this!


... but Penny, they all look so cute and innocent - "what cat?"

; )


That's such a sweet rug! I love the paper pieced jays!


You find the BEST paper pieced patterns! Super cute


So adorable. Perfect for a new parents. thanks


The jays are so darn cute, Penny...I can see a quilt with an entire flock of rainbow-colored jays. Also, congrats on keeping strong with your no-buy fabric pledge; I am inspired to join you...but then I see the most wonderful print...sigh.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

so cute!!!


There is always more cute fabric to buy. I have recently returned to quilting after an almost 10 year absence due to moving, illness, and graduate school. I bought a little fabric over that time. But the last few months has been a feast of new pattens and color. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and more apreciative. Love the pieced birds, too cute!


Very cute Jays -- although, the red one is probably a cardinal LOL!


Which jay are you? SO dang cute!!!!!

Holly k

so cute!! seeing your title "Walk this Way", immediately put the song "Walk this Way" by Aerosmith into my head!!! lol!! I can just see those little birdies bobbing their heads back and forth!!! :)




Such a beautiful work of art! Love the colors:)

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