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05 October 2010


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Oh my gosh I love the pincushion! I gave myself tendonitis teaching myself to crochet and have rested my arm since January. I'm itching to get back to playing with yarn.


Penny! You've been busy! Love that dahlia pincushion. And, of course, the hexies -- especially the little "Mister Donut" peeking out there!


i am loving those hexies! too cute!

Heidi T

Great projects... but I must know where the mister donut fabric came from - gave me a good chuckle! lots of childhood memories!

D Spack

Wow, Penny, what a cute pin cushion! Love it!


You always so such stunning work Ms. Penny. Oh how I heart ya!



Yes, yes, yes! The pincushion hits the spot. Thanks bunches for the perfect pincushion for my quilt pins. It's working wonderfully in my sewing room. Your so creative and talented. I love it over and over whenever I look at it! My Penny, my friend forever.

Krista - Poppyprint

Lovely post Penny. Are you actually making free cut hexes??? Those are adorable, but I can't imagine how you fit them together!


What a sweet card, Penny....that is just darling! I love your pincushion and your blocks, too!


Love that pincushion......... I can't crochet for toffee!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Dropping one's feeddogs can be quite a stunt to pull. You should be quite honored!


I love your blog Penny. You always have things that make me ponder and think about my work differently. I love blogs but not everyone "stimulates" me the way you do.

Mom Wald

Love the pincushion and the plate!

Glynis Cozza

I cannot believe you immortalized my creation for all the world to c!! You r so freaky sweet! I thank GOD that u find joy n the simplest things and the humblest efforts! And encouraged that Rachel at Stitched in Color recognized the effort it took to drop the feed dogs and then the willpower, humility, and trust it took to actually put it in the mail to you! So blessed to b ur BFF!!

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