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20 January 2011


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madame samm

HI Penny....this is red, and would fit ideally for our FEB tuts, please let me know if you would like to share it...tut and all..you would only have to copy and paste...
mdm samm sewwequilt.com

Vee Poitier

So Awesome! I have a project that has hundreds of praire points and I was dreading that part. Now I look forward to it! Thanks a bunch! Ms. V


glad to help!


I have a quilt to finish before Sept 8 2012 and it is just screaming prairie points. I'm a new quilter and I was scared, this has just made my life SEW much easier!! Thanks!


I made these last year. Super easy.Thanks for the tutorial!

Jo Ann Marshall

This is a great process, if you sew two different 3 1/4" strips together and use same procedure you will have alternating prints/color points then attach to project with 1/2" seam. Gives a great finish.

jan sullivan

I love your tut and plan on using it right away. The one question I have can you make the prairie points larger? Like maybe 4inch or 5 inch? Would you use the same pattern that you did just that they would be larger points? I have a quilt which is just one Giant star in the middle and thought p points might be a great way to finish it. I hope you can answer this since i JUST found your wonderful blog. Thanks for all the great tutorials, you make then seem so easy especially since I am just starting out designing and making my first quilts. Jan


Oh Wow what a neat way to make them. I've got to try this.
Thanks for sharing

Bonnie Ellis

Ok I'm not a new "sewist" but this is new for me! I'm making a baby quilt. Do I have to put this on before I quilt it on the long arm,or how do I put it on after it is quilted??? I have a long-arm and was planning to quilt on there and then "grandma" decided she wanted ruffles...it is a boy so I thought the prairie points would be great! How do I do this??

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