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14 March 2011


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That block is so adorable. Pioneer Woman had some custom painted Kitchen Aids. They were so awesome.


this is just amazing!


amazing block! i love it. maybe that stems from my own kitchen aid love! :)



The pioneer woman did a floral mixer give-away, though I can no longer find that post.


I saw this block over at lilysquilts and suggested to Lynne that you might like to do a tutorial for it!!!!!
I love it!


Saw this on the Ringo Pie group in Flickr - absolutely amazing!


Agreed. It's amazing. Way too cute!


I LOVE this block! it's wonderful!


That kitchen aid block is amazing!! Yes, I vote for floral bowls!! Start a revolution!!


So I wouldn't recommend for the bowl, but you could "floral" your KA mixer with some cute vinyl decals!! If I left mine out I so would!


That's a super cute block Penny!


What an awesome square! I love kitchen aid mixers (and will have one someday!) and that would make an adorable pot holder to hang next to it!


Here's a picture of the PW mixer that I told you about...


and check out this girl's blog - custom mixers!!



Even my sister loved your kitchen mixer block and she doesn't sew at all! And thank you for the lovely shout out :-)


oh, my, Penny! this is an AWESOME block! i so wish i could come in April and take your class. I'd love to learn just a few tricks from you. your work is AmAzInG! i'm so impressed.

diane stanley

I love this block and wish so much i could be at your retreat. That would be a dream for me, but will have to put it off until another time.


so gorgeous. my kitchenaid is plain and white, but her name is Trixie the Mixie. i'm considering making matching aprons for the both of us. maybe i should get out the paints instead...


I wish I were closer so I could attend your weekend. I'm a pattern follower not a designer (yet). I have no idea how one converts the object to a fabric block. You have talent.


Fabulous! The color of my kitchen aid and yes, I wish the bowl I had was floral or polka dots!! Thanks for sharing!


The little print background was just right! As Tara said...it looks like kitchen wallpaper in grandma's house! Had fun that day and I almost have my square done!


You ARE somethin' special! ;]


love this of course penny, it's absolutely amazing. and I wish I could come to your retreat, that sounds so fun!


I love this block!!! My kitchenaid is a beloved friend (we like cookies around here). It would be even more beloved if it looked like your quilty version!


The kitchen aid block is TOO fabulous, Penny! It's super 'you' and yes it would be awesome if there is a kitchen aid with a flowery bowl - I would finally make serious effort to save up money for that!


No way! You amaze me even more with each new creation, Penny!

If I were making a kitchen block, it would definitely have to be my (red!) Vita-Mix! :-)

kristine hanson

oh.my.gosh....please tell me you will do a tut or even sell your pattern for the mixer, this is d.a.r.l.i.n.g!

Kelly O.



you'd love this.

a floral kitchen aid mixer!

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